Friday, February 17, 2012

A Reader's Kitchen Design Dilemma!

"I need ideas for our kitchen. We have an oak floor. We will refinish that and save some money there. 
But I was thinking of putting in a rolling island. We have a cart now and I like the extra work space and storage. I was also thinking about putting in more cabinets than we have so they go to the ceiling to avoid all that wasted space. I don't know where to begin with a color scheme. I would like to change the appliances with stainless steel but will have to see what we can afford. I know we need to update. The sink is stained white porcelain and the faucet leaks. I would love some tips. I don't know what you call my style. I don't like too over the top contemporary but NOT country or traditional either. I love the beachy with a clean look not beach hut just as if I live by the sea."

I received this email a couple of days ago from a reader in Missouri! It is always exciting to learn that people from all over the US read my small NJ blog yay! I did some research and I think I found some photos that are not just designer kitchens but are real homeowner's kitchens. Hopefully, these can give her some great foundation ideas for color and design. These photos highlight the option to possibly paint the existing cabinets if the budget is tight and some photos that incorporate new cabinets! Creamy blues, grays and green are wonderful beachy tones to bring in either with the cabinets or just the rolling island if she desires. What would you do for her kitchen, I would love hear your ideas! Please leave me a comment!!


  1. For me, storage is always a big issue. So, cabinets and pantries are always a big plus, as well as islands. I like the idea of the open shelving but then I have to be too neat so I prefer cabinets. Your reader said she would like to put cabinets to the ceiling. If you do that, just be sure you can reach up there. I've had houses with high cabinets and it was just wasted space because I could never reach! Definitely refinish the floors and maybe stain them a dark rich color. Then lighter painted or white cabinets with a light solid countertop. You can add color and dimension with the backsplash and walls. If your kitchen is small, the rolling island is a good idea. If you have room for it, a custom built island would be nice because you can add storage underneath and, as in picture 2, shelving on the side. It also adds seating. Have fun redesigning your kitchen!

    1. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful. I like the idea of white cabinets and a lighter counter, then pulling in the accent colors with back splash and walls. We do have a small kitchen and our house is an open concept. So the kitchen living room and dining area blend into one another. I am excited and thank you both for your great suggestions!

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