Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Antique Flea Market in Lambertville NJ!

So this coming fall weekend take a drive Saturday or Sunday morning and hit a great flea market that will keep you busy for hours! A bonus is that it is just outside one of the cutest towns in all of New Jersey!

 is worth a visit to find something unique and nostalgic to put in your home. I personally collect milk glass and have purchased some here but maybe you can even find the jadeite green milk glass which is more difficult to come by. The market has furniture, prints, glassware, textiles and much more. If you are coming from north Jersey, stop and have breakfast at a place that I can't get enough of. The Lovin Oven in Frenchtown NJ will delight your palate with the most amazing flavors and it is all organic! So make a day of sighseeing and shopping along the beautiful Delaware River!

1850 River Road
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530
OPEN WED. SAT. & SUN. 6:00am-4:00pm

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous Finds in Tewksbury Design!

I have been a client since the days on Main Street in Whitehouse Station NJ....Currently located in the Mountainville section of Lebanon Twsp. NJ is TEWKSBURY DESIGN! I drove past this shop for months and I finally made the stop to really look at these repainted antiques that were showing in the storefront. Not only did I buy this beautiful grey colored distressed 5 drawer chest but I also purchased these awesome french reproduction wall sconces. I get compliments from everyone that sees them in my home. Andrea, who is the shop owner/designer is so wonderful to deal with because of her kind, sweet and warm personality. There are pieces already painted and refinished that are ready for purchasing. She will also custom paint any piece that you can bring to her shop. I recently had upholstered chair frames painted, one in black and  two in cream distressing. I was so excited when I saw them and they only cost about $75-$100 per chair!! There is an array of finishes and colors for that dresser, chair or table that you would like done. She also works in clients homes refinishing kitchen cabinets which is a great alternative to buying new ones. You have to stop by and visit her and see what she has in her shop. You will love the shop and the owner Andrea!

Below are pictures of my chairs that were refinished by Andrea!

302 Main Street
Lebanon, New Jersey 08833

PS Sorry, they don't have a website.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cut Out The Middle Man When FURNITURE Shopping!

I have to share with you one of the best kept secrets.....

is one of the best websites to buy furniture directly from the manufacturer without the percentage increase that furniture shops and boutiques will charge the customer. A very good friend let me in and now I am doing that for you!

So when you are in a store and find that sofa, chair or any other piece you love: write down the manufacturer, model number, cushion inserting, fabric and finish. Once that has been decided, call this company directly and place your order. The amount of furniture pieces you order will determine the shipping price and it will come directly to your home! You may want to place an order with friends to save on shipping. Either way, it is a tremendous savings. My sister in law ordered a leather sofa from the manufacturer LEE Industries and saved around a $1000 dollars. LEE is not listed in the manufacturers tab, but they have this amazing custom furniture line. Shhhhh... Don't let the store that you are shopping in know that you are doing this. You will have to be discreet and it will pay off! Below are some pieces that are from LEE Industries that I love.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Design Tip of the Day! White Paint

Elsie de Wolfe said "Believe in optimism and plenty of white paint." The women who invented interior decorating were full of big advice.

For years I wanted to paint an entire room white. So many people talked me out of it every time I mentioned it. Well, last winter I finally did it with the help of my husband and once it was finished I was so excited! I loved it! The most challenging part was choosing the right white for my bedroom. I wanted a calming and soothing effect without the clinical feeling that some whites may have. I searched out some advice and settled on Benjamin Moore's Dove White, we were not disappointed! We added some white linen drapes, a sea grass rug and some other accent pieces and just loved the complete result!!

Below I am going to share with you some favorite whites used by designers along with some rooms that I think are splendid! 




 White paint is used in these rooms below as a backdrop or blank canvas for their artwork, lovely furniture pieces and decorative items. If you have a favorite white room in your house email me a picture and I will post it for all to see!

Target's Best Bedding!

One of may favorite duvet covers and shams actually comes from TARGET!  Without spending hundreds of dollars, the bedding featured below has the look and feel of its counterparts in Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. The cotton fabric is so soft and light and it isn't hard to keep clean.

Simply Shabby Chic Smocked Duvet Set in White

Target's Version $89.99

Anthropologie's Version $208.00

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discover Aidan Gray!

You will see Aidan Gray designs in specialty design shops all over the country. The secret is Aidan Gray doesn't only sell to trade retailers but to the consumer like you and I! A friend picked up this wonderful candelabra wall sconce in Pennsylvania that had such a presence in her foyer. One day while I was researching unique chandeliers on the web, I stumbled across the manufacturer of it! I called her to confirm and was thrilled to find out it was the exact one! Below are some of my favorite finds on the site. Let me know which ones are yours!

 The first candelabra chandelier was exactly what I was looking for and it is only $324.00!

Design Studio of Somerville!

A girlfriend of mine needed help making her large living room with very high ceilings feel cozy. After arranging her furniture several different ways, she asked for suggestions. I recommended a few more pieces of furniture in specific areas and so began our hunt! We ventured out to the ABC Outlet in Hackensack NJ but did not find what we were looking for. On our way home I remembered this quaint little design shop that actually had a lot of choices. We walked in to find that it was a floor sample sale day!!! After reviewing all options she settled on three great finds: sofa table, coffee table and a settee. What was even better is that some of pieces were such a great deals and were currently being offered online at Wisteria and Horchow for much more money. What can be better than that! Tom, the owner and top designer of the shop happened to be in the store rearranging the floor plan that day. He was just great to chat with and get some fabulous tips in decorating your home. The shop specializes in LEE Industries custom upholstery and has a large selection of sofas and chairs to choose from. This shop gets a ***** rating as far as I am concerned. It is definitely worth a visit!

Design Studio of Somerville
67 West Main Street
Somerville, NJ 08876

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wallpaper Is Back!

Let's face it, wallpaper is a commitment that many of us are afraid of! Many of us have horrible memories of floral patterns decorating our grandmothers house in every room or maybe it was our first house that we had to spend hours upon hours trying to remove it from the walls vowing we would never put up wallpaper again!! Well using wallpaper to decorate a room is back with a vengeance! Yes many designers are choosing an array of patterns, textures and colors. I recently came across a vintage shop in NYC that stocks a variety of vintage wallpapers that I couldn't get enough of! Below are some of my favorite choices. When I look at these papers I immediately think of a small space like a mudroom, home office or a vintage inspired small kitchen or bath! Could you see these samples below above flat panel wainscoting in a mudroom, on an accent wall in the office or maybe in your powder room! These patterns are so much fun and there are many more to choose from. So promise you will at least check out their website Secondhand Rose
and then visit the shop and let me know if you succumb to purchasing some for your home!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Consignment Designing!

Maybe you have shopped for clothing in a consignment store in the past but have you ever shopped for furniture and decorative items in a consignment shop?? Interesting concept isn't it? Well one day on the hunt for a unique furniture piece,  I stumbled upon this shop while driving through Hopewell NJ on my way home! The showroom is enormous and has such a variety of interesting pieces. The turn over is pretty quick, so it make take a couple of months to find that special something for your home. So you may want to make a habit of just popping in from time to time and I am sure it will be worth your while. Remember the longer an item remains in the shop the lower the price will become! Also, it may be to your advantage to sell off some of your own pieces that you just have stored away in that garage or attic!! So check out the website and make the trip!

Decorators Consignment Gallery
52 Railroad Avenue Hopewell, NJ 08525

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Design Tip Of The Day! Remove Clutter

Clutter and "chotchkies" in your home not only look bad, they make you feel bad. Don't feel overwhelmed the minute you wake up because you are surrounded by so much stuff! A tip that has proven true so many times is.......If you haven't used it or looked at it over the past 2 years and there isn't some sentimental attachment to it......Get rid of it! No, you don't have to throw it away but consider these options that will make you feel better. Donate your "stuff" to a local women's shelter, the local Goodwill Store or put a free sign on it and leave it on the front lawn and someone will take it! I have done it and it works! Garage and rummage sales are also a good way to rid yourself of unwanted physical and mental clutter. Let me know when and how you have done it! Your efforts will motivate others!

Hidden Jewels of Design in Princeton NJ!

Today I am going to introduce two of my favorite shops in Princeton NJ! Not only are these stores in one of the greatest towns in New Jersey but they are within walking distance of each other in the historic area of Palmer Square!
Spruce 45 Palmer Square West Princeton, NJ

     Spruce has to be one of best "one of kind" stores in the area. What I love about this store is that it combines a very interesting floral design center on one side and an interior design area in the other. I wandered in one day looking for a unique bridal shower gift and decided on this amazing piece by a local potter. It was this delicate creamy white flower embossed cake stand that almost looked like real icing was hanging off the edge of the stand. When the bride to be opened it at her shower she gasped...Need I say more!  Let me say that is was hard to decide which piece of this collection I wanted to purchase because I knew that each piece was so special it its own way. Not only does this store feature local artists collections for the home which are incredible, the furniture line has very clean modern lines with an interesting vintage appeal. Bright colored furniture pieces which intimidate me at times are jumping out at me saying "try me just once." This shop also features amazing succulent arrangements made to order in beautiful pieces of pottery which are a gift in themselves. Where else can you find such an amazing floral arrangement for your home that last for months in the price range of $70-$100? Can you see how much I love this place??

Amy Karyn 
Princeton, New Jersey 

     Just a few minutes stroll down the street from Spruce and you come to another equally amazing interior design shop...Amy Karyn. At first this shop may appear like an average interior design store with beautiful upholstered chairs and pillows tossed all over the store. Don't be fooled! Make your way to the back behind the designers desks and just reach out and touch! Yes, french inspired fabrics in patterns and designs that you won't see anywhere else! Amy Karyn personally designs all of her fabrics and produces them on this most incredible linen fabrics. What I love about the patterns is that you can select a certain one and have several background colors to choose from that will help coordinate with what you may already have in your home. The fabric prices are not cheap but just a couple of yards can recover pillows or cushions and can also be used for drapes and shades. So if rainy day comes around, spend the afternoon in Princeton and don't forget to get your latest fix of one of the best ice cream shops in the country from the The Bent Spoon! My favorite is Chocolate Raspberry and Marscapone!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favorite Find at the Beach in Spring Lake NJ!

While browsing down the main avenue with my mother and grandmother on a beautiful spring day, we came across the most captivating shop that we could not just walk past!

What initially caught my eye was the chandelier but that was just the beginning......... This shop has such a wide array of interesting bath products, home accents and furniture pieces that makes any room feel soothing and carefree. Don't forget to check out back! They even have a nice selection of planters and garden accessories. The shop also offers a wedding registry for all of you brides to be. So please take a leisurely drive on a beautiful day and get lost in this amazing shop like I did! Look out for my next post that will highlight two interior decorating shops in Princeton NJ!  Whimisicality 1219 Third Street Spring Lake, NJ 07762 Phone: 732-449-9337