Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kitchen Help Please!

So you may remember, last week I posted some ideas for a galley kitchen. A reader wrote to me for some help with a small kitchen renovation. Originally they wanted to keep with the wall structure already in place BUT she wrote back and they are thinking of taking out a wall that holds the opening to the dining/living room area. I immediately thought of this layout......


What I think is great about these two kitchens above is the practical layout for a smaller kitchen....

and these views of the kitchen from the dining/living room are magnificent!

The island with the kitchen sink and dishwasher is a really good design. It keeps the one and only wall open to hold the range and refrigerator. There is also extra storage, seating and counter top space in the island, love that!

Here are some other samples with the same layout below!

via Here

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Colors for Your Home Series! Peacock Blue!

Peacock Blue

love this color in these rooms

need I say more!

via National Geographic

via Belle Maison

via Decor Pad
via The Decorista

via Anthropologie

via Decor Pad

via Crown Paint

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Colors for Your Home Series! Green!

"Springtime is the land awakening.  

The March winds are the morning yawn."

Is the color green sprouting up in your gardens or in the trees? Spring is one of my favorite seasons and times of the year. Regrowth, warmth and sun enliven the earth and me after the cold long winter we have had. So, I thought it would be most appropriate to highlight the natural and beautiful color GREEN and varying shades of it today! 

My Inspiration For Spring!

(images via Decor Pad & Milk & Honey)

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photographer's Office and Studio Design Dilemma!

I am so excited to bring to you my two latest e-designs for a local New Jersey photographer Stephanie Sherwood! She contacted me a few weeks ago to create a design for the amazing space she has. She is so talented and has a great eye, this combination made me a little nervous because I really wanted to make sure I was giving her something she loved! Here is a part of her email:

"The vibe I am trying to achieve is an "anthropologie" antique, eclectic, happy, sunny, chic, warm, sophisticated kind of thing. I like artsy sophisticated."

 I have given it a lot of thought.......My initial plan was a dark, moody room that would be used as a backdrop for her amazing photographs. But sunny, warm and happy just didn't seem to fit in with that scheme!?!?!

So again, I decided to do two designs and give her the option to choose which one she like better. That means you too! So, please vote for your favorite design in your comments! I always enjoy reading them and look for constructive suggestions too! So be open and share!

Let's begin with the the photos of her great office!

Don't you just love this room! The amount of windows is wonderful, the french doors fabulous and the woodwork is really nice too!

What first came to mind was to create two separate areas in the room using placement of furniture. The room is a more of a rectangle shape and has plenty of space to do that. She already has the concept implemented with her great antiques! So let's get started to design number one!

Option Navy

Here are the two design inspiration photos that drew me!

You probably guessed it! Dark navy, white and gold accents are the colors and finishes I wanted to use in this space. Why? Well,  one of my biggest concerns was making sure her photographs become the focal point in the room, the dark navy wall would make the pictures just pop! Similar to the photo above. I also wanted to keep it fresh and youthful and not too "grandma-ish" with antique overload either. So the choices of color, furniture and accents in the design below are a really great combination!

Let's begin........

Color Ralph Lauren Club Navy for the walls including the chair rail is really good. You can also paint the baseboard and crown molding the same color with high gloss for visual impact and keep the molding around the doors and windows white. It is really up to you!

Add drapes in this amazing fabric by Drape Palace to really bring drama into the room. The room has enough natural light to do it!

The first seating area I will highlight would be in front of the french doors. I wanted to create this seating space using this beautiful rug from Anthropologie. It combines black, navy and teal and I just fell in love with it! 

Placed in front of the window to the right when you first walk in, this vintage inspired settee from Horchow. My favorite piece of this design

Horchow runs furniture sales with 25% off, this settee is not a bad price for $750!

Throw a couple of these silk pillows on from Etsy.........

place two of these great tables from Clayton Gray side by side in front of the settee and display your favorite magazines......

The wall you look straight at when you walk into the room would make a great gallery wall! To keep the space open use this great console table from Brocade Home to display some of your favorite decor pieces.
Nothing too high to block the view of the upper part of the wall.

A floor lamp in the corner between the settee and console table would add a nice touch. This black and gold one is perfect!

The great vintage mirror Stephanie already has can be used anywhere in this room and work with this scheme!

Now for the seating area which includes that great desk, which she is keeping.  Love it!  The desk is in a great position already but I think having two chairs in front of her desk to meet with clients would really be practical. These chairs from Ballard Design would be just perfect!

each chair having its own small pillow and this little end table in between is just the right fit!

I would love to see a great lamp on the right side of the desk. Something substantial...... the computer screen can moved to the side at an angle when a meeting is in progress so you can speak directly to the client without the screen in the way. Just a thought. OK back to the lamp, I am loving this one from Worlds Away!

add some awesome vintage photographs with matting and gold frames on the wall behind the desk

If the color scheme is lacking something in your eyes add these fantastic ORANGE accents. Yes, orange would complement the navy perfectly!!

Completed Option Navy!

Option Turquoise!

Inspirational photos to share!

Taupe, gray, turquoise and gold are the colors that I wanted to bring together for a warm, sunny and vintage vibe that this design has! Stephanie lives near the ocean, so incorporating  just a touch of a beachy vibe was also on my priority list. So here it goes!

Sherwin Williams Versatile Gray is a great choice for the walls and against the white trim.

These cotton/linen blend curtains from Half Price Drapes, stunning!

To ground the entire room, use one natural jute/wool rug like this one from Home Depot. You should be able to find remnants or even carpet off the roll and have it bound to the exact size you need.

In the seating area near the french doors use the same placement as above. This great settee from Ballard Design is irresistible!

add one throw pillow like this larger one from Michele Varian.....

and on the floor right in front of the settee, place these two sweet gold poofs from Nate Berkus

along the gallery wall, this gold leaf and reclaimed wood console table from Clayton Gray brings another natural element into the room

and into the corner this cute, funky modern floor lamp from Clayton Gray again!!

Now for the opposite end of the room. The same placement of furniture used in the above design using this pieces instead. Two chairs like this one from Ballard Design with the same smaller pillows as above!

hang this chic and cheap chandelier from World Market above the desk for a little shimmer

place this sweet vintage lamp with a drum shade from Etsy on the desk

and for my favorite piece of the this design, this coveted storage cabinet from Horchow placed right under the wall mounted TV

add a vintage camera photo from Etsy and a mirror from Wisteria like to the walls and this design is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope these designs have given you some ideas that may work for your own home!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your comments. Don't forget to vote!