Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage Over Dyed Rugs

I think I have to get one! There are countless options for area rugs but over dyed rugs have to be a favorite of mine. Perfect for a traditional interior as well as a punch of color in minimalist room, I think they cross all boundaries in design. Look at the ones I found this morning while looking on Ebay. If you love them just research vintage over dyed rug in the home category. Enjoy!

via google images

via pure style home

via Ebay

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eclectic Living Rooms With Neutral Sofas!

Sorry, I been away from blogging lately.......For the past few weeks, several unexpected things have come up each week that have taken up my time. When it comes to my personal priority list, they came in pretty high. So my apologies but also a huge thank you for not giving up on me and still checking in to see if there are any new posts.

I was doing some research on incorporating a neutral sofa in a living room design and all of these images are just magnificent! I have to share.....

all images via decor pad

Any favorites?