Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thinking of Changing Up Our Bathroom........

I am starting to gather some ideas for our one and only bathroom. When we moved in 1998, we used some old tile left over from another job and some free tile that was given to us. Like many baths in the late nineties that medium marble green is found on our floors and shower walls, I am not loving it now and I didn't love it when we put it in but funds were low. So, I think we are going to try to remodel it this coming year. Yes! Dreaming......

Because of size and storage needs these are more like it!

via Decor Pad

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gorgeous Bedroom Recreated!

When I come across a beautiful image, I save them to my personal files of favorite rooms. I recently saw this photo and fell head over heels for it. The room is so soothing and light but also has just the right amount of femininity to it! I just had to spend a little time and I was able to find great deals on items that mimic the room and will give the same feel for about $2,500. Granted the architectural elements of the room add so much but high ceilings and lots of natural light are found in many rooms in your homes.

Below are some awesome selections for the same vibe going on above....

Vintage Etsy.com Crystal Chandelier

Design Guild Wallpaper


Painted Chest from Etsy.com

Vintage Etsy.com Tulip Lamps

Teak Carved Screen Etsy.com

Paint Screen BM White Dove

Accent Chair Overstock.com

Hope this post gives you some inspiration for your favorite rooms!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coral Inspired Dining Room Design

I having been working with the sweetest client in the NY area on a design for their dining room. They already have a warm dark wood contemporary dining room set with a sideboard and beautiful black and gold lamps. The walls have already been painted a soft taupe color and I really wanted to bring in color to the room! When I initially suggested a pink/coral color, she really didn't jump on the idea and expressed that she preferred a green or blue color. Well.....I sat on it for a while. I tried a few different options but when I came across this piece of artwork below my choice was sealed!

Coral it is and when I presented these choices below, she loved it! I am really glad I went with my initial gut instinct for this design and I can't wait to see the final result!

The artwork and gold panels are from Horchow. Horchow is running a 25-30% off the entire site until November 8th! So stop by soon!

Have a great weekend!