Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liking Ikea....

Do you replace furniture more often than you would like? Perhaps you are looking for some furniture for the finished basement and don't want to invest too much? Are you renting and looking for furniture in a place that you only plan on spending a year or two in? IKEA has some really versatile pieces that I am really liking right now. Here are a couple of may favorites and I am adding some accessories to liven your imagination! Enjoy!

Karlstad Sofa looks great with any of these pillows!

High Gloss White Desk for Two!

This desk below with a little elbow grease and some brass spray paint can look like Jenny's at LGN! Love it!

Do any of these really affordable options appeal to you? Drop me a comment below and thanks for your support!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pale, Cameo, Cherry Blossom and Carnation PINK!

A variety of names for the beautiful color of pink! Pink blossoms during spring are one of the most spectacular sites to feast your eyes on.

Many travel to Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival to enjoy them but I don't have to go to far away from home. The main street in our cute town of is Clinton, NJ is lined with them! Every May we actually have a cherry blossom festival ourselves.

So the inspiration color of decor for today....you guessed it pink! Toned down, accented with or full bold pink can brighten any room and it doesn't have to be to feminine, so don't hesitate to incorporate pink into a space in your home!

via Abode and Moth
Enjoy the beautiful spring day we have here in NJ!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Small Outdoor Patio Spaces!

In 1990 the statistics show that there were just about 5,000,000 condo units in the US, where do you think the stats might be now? I would tend to guess much higher. With that being said, many in our communities live in condos or townhouses and one of the big sacrifices they make is losing some of their lovely outdoor space. I hope these images inspire you readers that have a small outdoor space to work with, you don't have to sacrifice beauty and functionality because of this!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Entry Way Design by Denise Briant Interiors!

First impressions may not always prove true but they definitely make an impression that is usually not forgotten. Well, that has been true in most cases with me......The first space someone walks into your home may be a entry way or foyer, some have grander spaces than others but either way you can have an inviting and welcoming space.

For me a perfect entry has some space to sit and put down what you may be carrying like a handbag or a bag of groceries. I also love the option to sit down and put on or take my shoes off. Jayson Home and Garden has had this great seating piece that I have been eyeing up for a while now. This settee has inspired me to put together a entry way design that has a classic look with an ethnic twist. First, this soft peach wall color would be a great starting point!

via Horchow

via Jayson Home and Garden

via One Kings Lane

via Crate and Barrel

via CandelabraShop

I hope you like this design and please leave me your comments, good or bad, I always love your feedback! Thanks and have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favorite Building Contractor: Briant General Contracting!

You may have guessed why Briant General Contracting in Flemington, NJ is my favorite builder.....The owner/builder is my husband Adam Briant!  He is a a fabulous finish carpenter who specializes in new kitchen and baths, custom woodworking and detailed additions and renovations! I wanted to share just a glimpse of some of his amazing work! If you are interested in doing any projects on your home, he would be happy to assist! A full portfolio with a list of references is available for your review. Please contact me via email to discuss any future projects.



Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Tip of The Day: A Tidy Home!

Keeping your home orderly and clean with kids is not an easy task as many of you moms know. Does your house look like this most of the time?

via OurHumbleAbowed

I don't have kids but when you live in a smaller home where every room gets used to the full, keeping up with it daily is needed. Jenny a fellow blogger at LGN shared this great cleaning list to help moms avoid the BIG cleaning day once a week. Today, life is too busy for some to set aside one full day of cleaning, so I think this list below is great. Just 30-40 minutes of fast paced cleaning and your home can look put together especially when the unexpected friend pops in! I have been using some of the points already and plan on using more soon.  Thanks Jenny!


o   Make beds
o   Wipe down bathroom counters
o   Empty dishwasher

o   Load dishwasher
o   Wipe down kitchen counters
o   Take out the trash
o   Quick sweep or vacuum, especially in the kitchen
o   Spot clean the floor or Swiffer
o   Declutter living areas with pick up basket
o   Chore of the day

MONDAY            Deep vacuum
TUESDAY           Windex mirrors and windows
WEDNESDAY    Scrub the toilets and tubs
THURSDAY        Mop the floors
FRIDAY              Swing Day
SATURDAY        Laundry

1st       Wipe down all furniture and cabinets
2nd      Scrub oven, microwave and fridge
3rd      Wipe down all walls, mouldings and doors
4th       Spot clean upholstery and rugs

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Economical Outdoor Dining Sets!

With a beautiful day like today, dining al fresco is on my mind! 

I am in need of a new outdoor dining arrangement! My deck may be like yours....smaller than I would like but it can certainly accommodate up to 8 persons comfortably. The quandary I find myself in.....I think I want a smaller table and chairs with the possibility to add seating versus a large table that will take up most of the deck! My budget is the other parameter I have to work within. I was pleasantly surprised to find some great deals mixing and matching pieces from different sources. So here are some of my ideas that I am pondering over!

World Market

World Market

World Market

Home Decorators


Do you have any preferences? Leave me your comment, it may help me narrow down an option! Thanks and have a beautiful day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Website of the Week: High Fashion Home!

High Fashion Home is a great resource for furniture and decor. What is most appealing is the variety of items of traditional and contemporary decor for almost any budget and the quality is really good! Look at some of these pieces....

Take a look for yourself here, the website is quite expansive!