Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In celebration of hitting 5000 page views on my new blog!!!!!!!

I am giving away......

A free virtual design for any one room in your home!

All you need to do is leave a comment below as to what room you would really love redesigned


Link this post to your blog and let me know that you have


Link this post to your Facebook, Twitter, etc page and let me know that you have

This giveaway will end July 15th and a winner will be picked randomly that weekend. I will announce the winner Monday July 18! 
This is really exciting for me and I hope you leave me a comment below! Thank you!!  


  1. Hey I really like your site! You can design it and Adam can build it.
    I think you should design our small bethel room here in the D.R.
    Hope you both are doing good. Cathy and I are having a good time here. We are teaching english to the branch committee members that dont already speak well.
    Give us an update on how you are doing.
    Doug and Cathy

  2. Hi Denise! I love seeing all your ideas, it's so fun and interesting! I'd love your ideas for my kitchen or bedroom. Can't wait to saee what you do next! Love ya, Kim

  3. Hi Denise! I love your blog, it gives such fresh ideas for home design. With all the stress in life I think it is important for your home to be a haven no matter what the budget is. I'm slowly redecorating and I love looking to your blog for inspiration!

    - Brienne

  4. hey denise! love reading your blog.We are moving into our apartment I'd love to get your thoughts!

  5. Hi Denise!
    Your site is awesome! I would really love your ideas on this spare room I have that is a catch all for all kinds of things right now!
    Love you guys and can't wait to see you!
    Judy McK

  6. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know about your givewaway. Love reading your blog! You are very talented. Almost every room in our farmhouse is a work in progress and could use some finishing touches.
    PS I think I mentioned that my husband and I used to live in your area. We both still love it and talk of it often.
    alana (Barefoot Princess Times Three)

  7. Hi babe.
    So nice to see your updates... I need help with my master bed room.
    I too love to decorate, my home is mod eclectic but my thoughts for my bedroom is to go back a bit to my teenage hippy chic days but my favorite is anthropologie and I love modern too... Help...
    Misty Stallard

  8. No chance you do outside designs or deck ideas is there? Need SO MUCH help in my backyard...But, would also love some additional input on my kitchen. I have some ideas, but it would be fun to see what you'd come up with.

  9. Posted your giveaway

  10. Hi, just found your blog.......I need help with my living room, hope I win!! Cindy