Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orange & Pink Bedroom and Giveaway Winner!

Summer is going so quickly and I have been soaking in as many beach days as I can.....reasons for my lack of posts but I promise I am going to do better! Please bear with me.

First of all the winner for my room design giveaway is....

Alana from Barefoot Princess Times Three!

I did it the old fashioned way of putting numbers in a bowl and picking out number 5! I'm sorry I can't do the design for everyone who left a message but I appreciate your support! Your thoughts and feedback mean a lot. Thanks to your input and support my design business is growing. I recently was contacted by a magazine for some quotes which blew me away and am working with new clients!! So thanks to all of you!

I had a bit of time this morning and put together this very feminine bedroom for you single girls and teens! Hope you like the options, I saw this wallpaper and love it, which impelled me to create a room around it! Do you love it???


  1. Where did you get this wallpaper?

  2. The paper is a toile Manuel Canovas. I have been looking for a resource for you but I have not found one. It may have been discontinued but here is another source

    This paper is also a Manuel Canovas with a very similar design. Thanks for inquiring and for reading my blog!