Monday, July 22, 2013

New Family Room Design Plan and Summer Fun!

My blogging has been suffering lately for many reasons but I am honestly going to try to post more frequently. It has been a crazy couple of months and things are starting to settle down. I feel like I can finally focus and get back into my routine. But during all the craziness, I have been working with a new client on their family room. They fell in love with a sectional sofa from Arhaus and were set on that piece. So we have been working together on a design around that sofa and I can't wait to see it all come together. We are shooting for mid August but that will depend largely on delivery dates. I wanted to share the very simple design board with you. Now the fabrics of the upholstery are not the ones we chose obviously but I think it can give you the overall look. We plan on adding lighting and a console after the room is pulled together. What do you think?

These are a few accessories we have picked up as well!

So, I normally don't share too many personal photos on my blog but it is summer and thought I would share some today!

 Loving Newport Rhode Island!

Have a great day!