Monday, March 14, 2011

A Galley Kitchen!

A very dear friend recently asked for some help with a design for her new kitchen! So I wanted to post some inspiration photos that I think would help her greatly with the size and shape of her current kitchen. Some of the challenges is that the space is quite small as with most older homes and there is a doorway leading into the dining room and on the same wall a door leading to a storage space and into the basement. The placement of the two doorways limits the use of space on one wall but the opposite wall is a straight run without interruption! She wanted to know……. should she embrace a galley or l-shaped kitchen design. I have given it some thought and think a galley style kitchen would be best for the space. One reason is the l-shape can only go one way and cabinets or appliances on that wall could interfere with passage in and out the basement. Think about carrying laundry or moving larger storage containers and having to maneuver around that.

Notice the suggestions from a kitchen designer.......
Galley kitchens are great since you have everything you need at arm’s length. So if you have a small house this is a nice design to try for your kitchen. Here are tips on how to make your kitchen a galley kitchen.

Like what is mentioned above, a galley kitchen is filled with cabinets on both sides. So, the very first thing you need to do is to install cabinets. It is dependent on the homeowner how many cabinets should be installed. But make sure they are ceiling height cabinets placed over both countertops. Make sure that there is a unity of design in your kitchen so you should use the same material and color for your kitchen.
Next, mount lights under the cabinets of your kitchen to provide a better, dramatic look. This idea will turn your old kitchen into a modern room. Do not only install lights under the ceilings, but also under cabinets especially those are in the countertops.
You can also opt to change the position of your appliances once in awhile. Try to use a smaller sized refrigerator since the kitchen is small. Avoid placing the garbage can to one corner but, instead, use a trash compactor under the counter, garbage bin inside the cabinet of the sink or a garbage disposal in the sink. Since you have two counter tops you can arrange your appliances on top or put them inside cabinets if not in use.
A galley design kitchen is very practical for small spaces. A galley kitchen is always a practical solution for space challenged homes.

With that said, I would say keep the range, sink and dishwasher on the same wall with a window above the sink that the homeowner wanted. Natural light can never be underestimated in a small space and brings charm into the room! On the opposite wall, I would have the refrigerator and a small banquet. I love banquets in kitchens, they provide a great place to eat for two. So that quick breakfast on the run can be had there or it can even be a workspace and serving station when you have company. You can just tuck backless stools right underneath when you don’t need them and you have the extra storage on top! I think they are so versatile. So enough of my babbling on and on, here are some amazing photos that demonstrate my thoughts for her. Enjoy!

Nice straight run design for a smaller kitchen!

If you take this L-shape and make it straight, this is a great layout for the full wall! You would just need change the cook top to a range!

The small nook on the right wall, this is sort of a banquet. The counter top height would match the other part of the kitchen and have room enough for at least two stools. Love it!

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