Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art from Etsy!

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" 

A famous quote that reminded me why every home needs some piece of artwork. Art does not have to cost us a fortune. It could be some personal pieces when you experimented with painting, a friends drawing or maybe a local aspiring artist. There are prints of famous paintings by Vermeer, Picasso and others that can be put on a canvas that are also attractive. Actually, any type of art can be an adornment to your home and make it unique.
These are just a few of thousands of pieces of artwork found on Etsy that I really like!

Great pop art painting for a south western style flare!

Painting on canvas by HamjArt

Loved these pieces for a nautical or coastal themed room!

Pressed seaweed on paper by Alga Net.

Landscapes for the traditional side in some of you!

Paintings on canvas by Doan Tina.

Beautiful prints of original pen, ink and marker drawings, great for a girl's room or craft room!

Prints by Yellena.

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  1. i like the traditional one - where the sky looks stormy - can't wait for spring and summer thunderstorms.