Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matt & Lazuli's Master Bedroom

Good friends of ours Matt & Lazuli from Wyoming wrote to me for some help with their master bedroom. So exciting!  The room below as you can see has some great features like the beautiful hardwood floors, super high built in bed and lots of natural light. The lovely wall color and bedding  give the room a cool and crisp feel but one of the challenges in the room is the small scale. She asked for some suggestions on the closet doors which don't have any and some advice for window treatments and wall decor. They are on a budget because they are planning on selling in the near future. Well, I have to tell how excited I was to receive this email and for the chance to help out! I came up with a couple of different options that I am going to share and readers I want your feedback too! Some selections lean more towards a natural and earthy feel and other pictures add a little glam to the room.  Below are a couple of shots of the bedroom........

First, I want to talk about the closet doors and window. The idea that came into my mind was to make the entire wall look uniform by hanging drapes across the entire wall and a separate matching rod could be used over the window. They should be hung higher that the trim, this will draw the eye up and make the ceiling feel much taller. This whole concept would form a L shaped drapery wall. I think that six to eight matching drapes that slightly fall on the floor would look fabulous. This idea allows easy access to the closets and the window. Here are a few rods and drapes at an amazing prices from Target.

This second drape is my favorite, it has a subtle weave to it which you can't see here and resembles burlap. All the reviews I read online were really good!

I also think a smaller scale area rug would just add so much to the room. I would lay it on the floor at the foot of the bed, maybe even at an angle.  These two rugs have great prices! 

This first one for a little modern touch from IKEA, a sheepskin ...

This natural jute rug above is 3 x 5 from Pottery Barn on sale!
Then I started thinking about the bed. Wow, interesting architecture framing that bed! One thing I can share is that simplistic bedding is coming back, so maybe removing the extra blanket at the foot of the bed would be a good choice. I also think that adding wallpaper to the wall directly behind the bed would  frame out a nice faux headboard! I prefer the first choice but here are two options of many......

The first one has more of a modern edge and the second one has a more cottage and casual feel.

Finally, let's talk about the walls! I see that M&L have a storage chest in their room which make me think they need storage, so how about these amazing options......

Then you would want to add a great large scale rectangle mirror like this one below. The room is smaller so adding a mirror will make the room feel much larger, just a little tip. Don't necessarily hang it on the wall, lean it on top of the chest against the wall and then add some decorative pieces on the chest. Suggestions.....

Pottery Barn

And here are a few last minute details that could be added depending on that natural or glam look you desire!

M&L have many personal photos which add so much to any home. A nice to way display them is collectively. The RIBBA frames from IKEA come in a variety of finishes and are really nice for the price!

Add in a couple of these adorable pieces with the photos and you have a glam Wyoming touch!

Great sconces from Ballard Design to hang on both sides of the mirror!

Beautiful earthy hurricane lanterns to add to that window sill from West Elm!

Well, those are just some suggestions for the cute, sweet room of Matt & Lazuli. Thank you for writing and sharing your design dilemma with me. I hope these tips help them and any of you readers! It has been a blast!


  1. Denise, I love your ideas! You really have a talent for design and styling. We miss you guys a lot. As I sit here on yet another snowed-in service day (C.O. visit to boot)I look forward to seeing you both soon (maybe this spring??) Love ya!

  2. Hey Denise, Thank you for all the fab ideas, love it! You are so creative, I love your input!-Lazuli

  3. Denise,
    Great ideas! I love the chests that you recommend for storage and the suggestion for simple bedding. I am thinking of how to incorporate some of these ideas into my home :-)