Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recreating One of My Favorite Girl's Bedrooms!

Vintage. Feminine. Rustic. Colorful. Playful.

All these words could be used to describe this delightful bedroom. I thought why not recreate for my readers on a shoestring budget.


via Toledo Architectural Door $200
*Note to reader....Check for lead paint before you use it as a headboard

Two Pallets $50


Eight casters $20-$50


these are just suggestions, use any color combination you prefer!

Ruffled Quilt

Euro sham

Decorative Pillow

Accent Quilt

All bedding via Anthropologie, Horchow and Etsy

Lovely wall decor

Fill vintage gold frames with whatever your heart desires!

via Etsy Vintage Alphabet Prints

via Etsy Vintage Gold Frames

via Gooseberry Patch Wire Basket $30

Ceiling Decor!

via Etsy Set of five $20

via FlowerandFavors Six for $15
Do you like it?? Let me know and thanks for taking time from your day to stop by! If you have friends with little girls please share the link with them. I would really really appreciate it!


  1. This is a great bedroom! Very "Anthro". The look works for big girls too! I have two teenage daughters that would love it....very cool idea!!!

  2. Love it! And love your blog.
    I am a mom of 3 little girls so i will definitely
    put this in my bedroom file for them.
    My husband and I used to live in hunterdon county.
    Such a great area! Reading your blog made me miss it :)

  3. LOVE this bedroom!! What a great idea with the pallets! Could probably find little baskets to slide in the slots too for extra storage and a different look. Thinking this would make a great daybed design for a spare room or near an outdoor space too....hmmm