Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pretty In Pink - Spring Colors For Your Home Series!

If you are in your thirties like me.....When I say "Pretty In Pink" do your thoughts go back to Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer in the classic 1980's film? I know I am definitely dating myself but today I want to use this phrase to describe these beautiful rooms below. From my own personal experience pink is a color you have to be committed to. It has such a feminine feel and is used in nurseries and little girl's rooms all the time but not often throughout the rest of the house. I hope the hues and touches of pink in these rooms make you reconsider pink as a great color to use!

Images via Decor Pad


  1. like the brown with the pink curtains in the dining room - reminds me of your living room a little -

  2. Denise, this look is a lot like my living room,, neutral shades with a touch of taupe and pink in the curtains. . . love it Connie Nicholson