Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coming Home!

Many of you readers may not have known this....Although, my home has been in New Jersey all of my life , this past year my husband and I have been doing volunteer work abroad in eastern Europe. Well, the time has come for us to return home and begin again with our life in Hunterdon County.

This past year has taught us many life lessons and we bring back home with us many good memories that we will cherish always.

I began this blog as a hobby to enjoy over the long cold winter we just went through. It has been a great creative outlet because as I mentioned before I have always loved interior design. Now that we are coming back I am really hoping to grow a business from my blog. It has be happening slowly which I am thankful for and time will tell where it goes... Thanks for your support!

We will be moving back into our home at the end of May and we have several projects that are in the plans. I am going to do my best to document the projects and share them with you but I also may need your input along the way!! So please follow me as we prepare to redecorate our living room, bedroom and office in stages over the next few months! I am really excited! See you in NJ!!!!


  1. Yeah!!! I'm so glad you were able to do this volunteer work but I'm also glad you are coming home. Looking forward to watching the home redecorating here!

  2. All your wonderful experiences I'm sure will fuel your creativity! :) Looking forward to seeing it all unfold!