Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vintage Farmhouse Design Dilemma...

A beautiful family with three young girls left my home state NJ and built an exquisite replica of a classic farmhouse in upstate NY. She wrote to me for some help with her living room below. The challenge is that the space is open to the dining area, entry way and kitchen with no definite separation. Here are the photos below.

This simple farmhouse has an organic essence with a vintage vibe at the same time. The color pallet is very calm and soothing but notice the small pops in color in the artwork hung. I created a design board according the families budget and needs. There were a few specific requests the client had, they wanted a slip covered sofa for obvious reasons, the ability the clean them and with three young ones that is almost a certainty. The sofa should be smaller in scale so the space is not overpowered by it and the sofa should also work well with that great black and white ticking chair that client just had upholstered.  I really hope you enjoy the design below as much as I did putting it together!

First, I chose this great linen slip covered sofa by Restoration Hardware. The reason I chose this one is because is comes in great 6 foot length and it's depth and comfort are perfect for lounging. The fabric options are also duck cotton, velvet etc. The price is really good and when you catch a sale, even better!

Add these side tables, lighting, rugs and any of these accent pillows and this design really would work well in that space!

all pillows via

west elm

crate and barrel

west elm

west elm


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  1. Thank you so much Denise! Love the plan and the direction you have given us. I also love how you captured our home and us with just my description and a couple pictures. You have vision and talent and we appreciate your help. I will send you more pics as the room comes together.
    PS The "pops of color in the artwork" that you mentioned...I forgot to tell you those paintings are of round hay bales from a field in Tewksbury. so funny right?