Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Outdoor Space.....Half Done!

We are in a cold spell right now but about a week ago we had some gorgeous sunny weather. So, off I went trying to pull together our deck space on a limited budget. I had been eyeing this outdoor set from Ikea and I made the hour long trip to see it in person. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole set. Ikea furniture in general tends to be smaller in scale but we thought for now it would be just fine. My biggest concern was be able to seat a lot of people without taking up too much deck space.....So here is what we decided on....and we are pretty happy with it! Plantings and pillows to come:)

Here is the table extended one side but it does it on both sides. The result seating for 10 people!

Here is what both table ends look like when down which we actually really like because it conceals the umbrella base.

A sneak peak of the front of our house! My favorite part is my little kitchen window flower box, flowers just make me so happy!

Focus on the center BLACK flower, yes, I found Black Velvet Petunias at this amazing nursery and needed to get them! I will share updated photos of the box when all the plantings really start to flourish!

Happy spring to everyone! I would love it if you would send me photos of your outdoor space, real homes not staged ones that we always see in magazines. I plan on featuring them in an upcoming post! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Denise it looks beautiful and i LOVE your black and white window boxes- you know i have to replicate that