Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Industrial Glam Office

Gently pushing clients out of their comfort zone with interior decor is one of the many reasons why individuals   look to interior designers in the first place. You may see something that you love perhaps a wall color, sofa, artwork but you are just not sure how to pull it all together and afraid of making the financial investment and not loving the final outcome. Well, decorators like myself also have to push themselves out of their comfort zones and be able to bring to life the vision the client or they may even have even if they are nervous about it. I did that with this design above. Industrial style decor is not up there on my top favorite styles out right now but I do love exposed brick walls and the some architectural elements of it, for example beams, industrial doors and windows etc. So how did I do bringing some glam into this space? I always love to hear your feedback:)


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  2. Loooks great as always Denise! I especially like the gold side table--nice contrast of clean, bright and modern against the old brick and traditional black couch. Cool!

  3. Ah, the magic of interior decorators! Your skills are of absolutely important in workspaces since a soothing office will surely contribute to a productive day!