Thursday, December 6, 2012

Online Price Comparisons!

Warning: If you see some thing online and want to purchase it, make sure you do your research first!

Let me share an example of why I feel so passionate about this. I came across this beautiful bowl that I thought would add a beautiful touch to an entry tablescape I am pulling together for a client.

I just loved the small bowl and if she didn't like i,t I was going to get it for myself. That is one of the dangers of being a decorator ha ha. Anyway, while doing research for something else tonight, I came across not just one but two online boutiques selling the bowl for double and triple the price!! Absurd!

Furbish Studio (may fav) is selling the small one for $48.00

Candelabra Shop for $72.00

And last but most expensive Shop Ten 25, get this $330.00, now it does say bowls but even still this price for 2 bowls!!

The difficulty is each vendor may rename the piece using different wording, so it may be hard to always find other online options.

I guess I just needed to share this with you readers today and vent. Thanks for being supportive of my blog and very soon I will be sharing some recent room makeovers I have been busy working on!

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