Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates Around My Place!

I realized that I haven't shared a couple of small updates around here......I am always on the hunt for specific furniture pieces that are beautiful and practical at the same time. Living in a smaller home always makes you think of these things ha! I was at one of my favorite little antique shops The Tomatoe Factory in Hopewell, NJ, looking for something else and came across this beauty. I could not get enough of the beautiful wood grain and finish. The aged brass details made this a show stopper for me. Here it is!

What I love about it is that opens up for almost a 4' console/serving table and I just used it last weekend for drinks and appetizers for a dinner party we had, it worked out great!

I also really needed a smaller scale cocktail table for my living room. I have been very patient trying to find just the right table in style and size. Our living room is smaller so I did not want to make the same mistake I have made in the past and get something that is too large that overpowers the room and interrupts the flow of the space. This piece recently came out and I loved the marble top and hammered gold base. I purchased it from High Fashion Home, a great online website. You need to stop by!

Finally last but NOT least, I picked up a couple of paintings from a local favorite artist in Stockton, NJ. I love his use of color and that his subjects are all local spots around Hunterdon and Bucks Counties. I been wanting a piece for a while and love them so much! Not sure where they are going to find a home yet around here but when they do I will do I will share!

Anyway, just a few updates that I have going on, any in your home? Please share them with me, I would love to see! Have a great day my readers!

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