Wednesday, August 7, 2013

M&W Plastering of NJ, Is Ornamental Plastering A Lost Art?

I have been wanting to write about the beautiful craftsmanship of ornamental plastering. Two of my brothers happen to be in the business and one is the owner of M&W Plasteringof NY/NJ, Martin Skrivanich. I wanted to feature some of the amazing work he has completed and also shed light on this beautiful art.

A reference work on the web had this to say on the history of ornamental plastering:

As builders and architects were hired by an increasingly affluent clientele, ornamental plaster shops developed from the single artisan operations of the 18th century into the complex establishments of the early 20th century. American plaster studios employed immigrant and, later, native craftsmen. Plasterers' guilds were in existence in Philadelphia in the 1790s. In 1864, a plasterers' union was organized in the United States with members from the British Isles whose work there had been limited to palaces and churches. English and European craftsmen came to America where the demand for their skills had increased by the decade, offering them the unparalleled opportunity to open their own shops. Over the years, plaster elements became so popular in decorating interior spaces that a major industry was established. By the 1880s, catalogs were available from which property owners could select ornamentation for their splendid new buildings.

Here is some images of M&W Plastering's recent work! Please contact him with an inquiries at Sorry the pictures are not the best quality:(

PS Sorry the before and after dining room photos are not just ready, hopefully within the week!


  1. Thank you for sharing images of this dying art. Real plaster definitely takes a craftsman's hand to achieve. The resulting design flourishes are the kind of artistic touches that are so rare in the "bigger is better" housing policy of today.

  2. really nice photos not every day you can see the quality of plastering art you shoul on the pic . I'm a drywall and plastering contractor for many years and I know how hard is to get it nice design like that one, no me many plastered can do it