Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Living Room Design Board!

So all that I can say is a lot easier to create design boards for clients than it is for yourself! I have been agonizing over choices for several months now but I have finally come up with a design that I would describe as a transitional bohemian if there is such a  thing! A mix of wood, metal and linen is included in this design. I already have some elements like drapes and curtain rods that I will continue to use but I will add some of these new pieces with some antique pieces too!  I haven't picked the perfect light creamy gray that I will paint the wall with yet but that will be done sometime this week! So here are some of my favorite pieces and I have already purchased one of them to be delivered sometime next week, so thrilled!

These are just some of my all time favorites! I am going to scour antique markets and shops to see what other interesting finds are out there to complete my living room. It will take a while for this room to evolve but I will update with photos along the way!

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