Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moroccan Inspired Sitting Room I Have Created!

On one of our latest trips to Spain, we had the chance to spend the day in Morocco and we just could not pass up the opportunity. We didn't make it to Marrakesh where I really wanted to go but at least we got a feel for the country that has recently inspired many designers! It was a very interesting place but the three things that really stood out was the architecture, textiles and the food! A real chicken tangine with dates, who would have thought it would have tasted that good!dish is to die for!

Here are just a few pics of out trip below....

I had to include the photo of the us on the camels, one of the strangest but cutest animals I have ever seen!

Going there for even just a day and just tasting life in Morocco has inspired me to create a design for a sitting room for any of you readers that are drawn to it!

Here it goes......

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