Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cut Out The Middle Man When FURNITURE Shopping!

I have to share with you one of the best kept secrets.....

is one of the best websites to buy furniture directly from the manufacturer without the percentage increase that furniture shops and boutiques will charge the customer. A very good friend let me in and now I am doing that for you!

So when you are in a store and find that sofa, chair or any other piece you love: write down the manufacturer, model number, cushion inserting, fabric and finish. Once that has been decided, call this company directly and place your order. The amount of furniture pieces you order will determine the shipping price and it will come directly to your home! You may want to place an order with friends to save on shipping. Either way, it is a tremendous savings. My sister in law ordered a leather sofa from the manufacturer LEE Industries and saved around a $1000 dollars. LEE is not listed in the manufacturers tab, but they have this amazing custom furniture line. Shhhhh... Don't let the store that you are shopping in know that you are doing this. You will have to be discreet and it will pay off! Below are some pieces that are from LEE Industries that I love.


  1. Tell me more about how this works. Say you like something from Pottery you just send them the information and they'll tell you how much its going to be? Or do they only deal with certain manufacturers?

  2. Hi! Yes they only deal with certain manufacturers but they are many to choose from. LEE is not listed but they work with them too. So it may be worth it to call and ask. You will get an assigned sales rep to work with you. They have great southern customer service! Thanks for the questions! We need to touch base again over the phone! Love, Denise