Monday, March 26, 2012

Pale, Cameo, Cherry Blossom and Carnation PINK!

A variety of names for the beautiful color of pink! Pink blossoms during spring are one of the most spectacular sites to feast your eyes on.

Many travel to Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival to enjoy them but I don't have to go to far away from home. The main street in our cute town of is Clinton, NJ is lined with them! Every May we actually have a cherry blossom festival ourselves.

So the inspiration color of decor for guessed it pink! Toned down, accented with or full bold pink can brighten any room and it doesn't have to be to feminine, so don't hesitate to incorporate pink into a space in your home!

via Abode and Moth
Enjoy the beautiful spring day we have here in NJ!


  1. So light and airy! Love the feelings these photos evoke!

  2. i have been totally in LOVE w/the Cameo pink color lately. actually my bedroom is that color & i fall in love w/it everytime i walk in... but now i'm thinking i need to add a fabulous mirror to it like your last photo. Anthro has one that i want that looks vitange like that & it's only $180!

  3. i love these colors....and the corals too mama