Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dana & Steve's Lake House, Part 1!

A few weeks ago, I reconnected with a friend I knew years ago! We happened to cross paths and she came across my blog  and has given me the fun opportunity to help with some designs of the their new lake house! So exciting!  Dana and Steve conveyed to me that they wanted the house to have a chic loft feel with a bohemian twist! This was very interesting and so much fun for me to come up with some ideas. As you can see from the picture below, the open staircase with the warm, dark wood trim and posts together with the flooring provide a nice backdrop for the loft feel. Bohemian decor usually has lots of details and uses warmer vibrant colors with beading and shimmer here and there. The living room has a lot of natural light with all the amazing windows with wonderful views but it does limit wall space, so that needed to be taken into consideration. They also have three adorable younger children, so the house needs feel comfortable and welcoming as well. So, as you may have guessed by now, I couldn't come up with just ONE design! I did TWO. There are similarities with both and most of it has to do with the palette of color. One is a warmer neutral and the second is a cooler neutral. Both have added color with accents in the room. I need your opinions readers, so please VOTE in your comments for Option 1 or 2! I'll be waiting to read your comments!!

Warmer Option 1

My inspirational piece in the room was that unique, worn, vintage trunk serving as a coffee table! The dark brown and brass hardware is what helped me tie in all the elements of this design. Great piece! 

First of all, wall color! This warm brownish gray wall color is what I totally recommend. Benjamin Moore Roosevelt Taupe is the name and I saw it on the wall for the first time when a client recently repainted their family room. Use it on the entire wall including the decorative woodworking but leave the trim around the windows white. I love it!

A touch of brass which is totally in right now, is highlighted here in this window hardware....

 Add a few silk drapes in creamy white.....and things are starting to come together!

My favorite piece of the whole design has to be this beaded chandelier! Bohemianish??? Definitely and yet modern and chic at the same time.

Every room needs an area rug and this cream cow hide does the trick for me! Set that trunk at the same angle in the above picture and it would look stunning!

A storage piece which can also serve as a TV stand is also a nice touch. I was so excited when I found the antique piece below because it also has that touch of brass and then add this cute vintage brass lamp.

Now for the accessories!

Throw pillows for the sofa!

Add this amazing IKAT pillow for the added punch of color!

Some beading in the this pillow is fantastic!

Some brass accents like this side table on the left!

A great brass vintage tray to set on the trunk.

Add a rustic lake house touch!

Stacked horizontal books on the chest starting with the amazing Leonardo Da Vinci!

And then punches of mustard yellow in these great accents that you could put anywhere in the room. The warm yellow color will look great against the wall color and brass accents and also bring out the touch if it in the pillow!

All of these choices can give you some ideas as you begin to accessorize. Honestly, the choices are endless!

Cooler Option 2

This is my more traditional set of choices that have such subtle, tranquil and monochromatic look that I love too! My focus piece that brought this design together for me is one of the pillows.

This soft gray color for the wall would be my first choice, it can either be painted above the wood molding on the walls and then onto the ceiling or again the entire wall leaving the trim white. It is also a Benjamin Moore color called Smoke Gray!

Again this same beautiful hardware.....

Holding up this amazing cream belgium linen drapery.

 These vintage glass beaded dome pendants would bring that bit of shine into the space!

 Hanging over this aged muted area rug....

Soft lighting adds romance and interest to any room, so these great lamps would look really good.....

sitting on my favorite piece in this design! This three drawer chest!

 Accessorize with these great finds!


Ikat again!

Does this beaded delight seem familiar? I would use it in this design too!

The soft blue color in the pillow above could be highlighted with this interesting stool/side table!

a french vintage wine bottle as a floor vase.....

some Egyptian artwork adds some interest to the walls....

or maybe that rustic feel is more your thing........

and finally some stacked books!

 Well, there it is!

I absolutely loved doing these designs for Dana & Steve!  I wanted to specify that all of the resources for the decor selected can be provided via email. Hopefully, they will also give all of you readers some ideas when you do go shopping for your own home.

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  1. I love the warm wall color, but all the cool accessories (those beaded domes, 3 drawer chest) and soft blues pushed me over to #2 Definitely!! Pefect for a comfy chic bohemian loft lake house (say that fast). I want to see after pictures.

    1. Nice post!!! Buy windows Des Moines for your loving home. America’s Best Choice provide all type windows attractive and strong at very affordable price.

  2. i like the cool colors better except that i might throw in one of those yellow vases from the first choice to tie in with the gold handles on the thress drawer chest. I love the egyptian look - shukran habibi.

  3. Denise,
    Wow we love both of your palettes! Both are perfect for what we wanted! Steve and I Love the paint colors in the first palette and love the chandelier! It is so perfect. I also love the other lights as well. Steve and I agreed instantly on your suggestion to paint the decorative trim the wall color.(awesome idea) Can I use either curtains with the darker, warmer grey toned paint? Where can I buy the curtains and pillows. Love all the yellow accessories and then I went and loved the blue vase and Ikat pillow.....so torn!

  4. Taupe is a favorite color of mine; really practical for a household with kids, too. If it were me, I'd start with that and go slowly from there. See what suggests itself after that. If you don't fill up the space too fast, it gives you the chance to pick out things that really grab you when you find them by serendipity in your travels. Love the solid pillows, and the cream linen drapes and the patterned rugs in the second palette, but, well, living with kids... personally, with 3 kids and the requisite cats I gave up all decorating ambitions...

  5. Good job Denise! What a great space to decorate, hope to see some after pictures! I have to buy new window treatments for my apartment, well, actually, it's more like I really want to because apartments in Wyoming aren't the classiest things you have ever seen..Maybe I'll be getting some cheap chic ideas from you soon:) Miss you guys!

  6. Hey Denise...I love some of the things you picked. My favorite option is #2. I especially like the cooler blue and grey feel for a lake house, with the cooler muted rug and pillows. And I love the pendant lamps! That will provide a nice focal point for the room.

  7. Hi Denise,

    I like option 2. They have a beautiful home to work with.

  8. Beautiful plans! Any idea who makes the glass beaded pendants? They are stunning.