Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Client Projects and Great Chairs Found!

Seeing fabric samples online and in person are soooo different! So before you make that purchase, go to local fabric shops or request swatches. Against coordinating fabrics and in certain light you may decide to readjust your choices. I have been searching for fabric for pillows for two different clients. They already have sofas so I need to present some great options. Here a couple below!

While antiquing in New Paltz, NY I stumbled upon these beauties. I snatched them up and my mind is pondering on the fabric option in the pic below. Too loud and bright????


  1. Great chairs! Not liking the yellow so much. Tooooo bright. If you want yellow, maybe tone it down a bit. That looks like leather too, so maybe the shine is making it look brighter. Love the buttons on the chairs though!

  2. that is a good point- the shine of the leather could be the reason it looks so 'radiant', LOL, but I like the brightness against the aqua color, with the other little yellow details throughout the space.