Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Liking Ikea....

Do you replace furniture more often than you would like? Perhaps you are looking for some furniture for the finished basement and don't want to invest too much? Are you renting and looking for furniture in a place that you only plan on spending a year or two in? IKEA has some really versatile pieces that I am really liking right now. Here are a couple of may favorites and I am adding some accessories to liven your imagination! Enjoy!

Karlstad Sofa looks great with any of these pillows!

High Gloss White Desk for Two!

This desk below with a little elbow grease and some brass spray paint can look like Jenny's at LGN! Love it!

Do any of these really affordable options appeal to you? Drop me a comment below and thanks for your support!!


  1. Denise, the flower decoration, is it a lamp or just a decoration? I couldn't find it on IKEA. But I want to, because it ROCKS!!!!

  2. Denise, those flower ball lamps look like the same chandelier posted on the baby room link (1st pic) - is it the same but used in a different manner? or 2 totally different items?

  3. I love those flower lamps! And those frames you got...looks like I've got to get to IKEA! Thanks for the affordable ideas. xo