Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Tip of The Day: A Tidy Home!

Keeping your home orderly and clean with kids is not an easy task as many of you moms know. Does your house look like this most of the time?

via OurHumbleAbowed

I don't have kids but when you live in a smaller home where every room gets used to the full, keeping up with it daily is needed. Jenny a fellow blogger at LGN shared this great cleaning list to help moms avoid the BIG cleaning day once a week. Today, life is too busy for some to set aside one full day of cleaning, so I think this list below is great. Just 30-40 minutes of fast paced cleaning and your home can look put together especially when the unexpected friend pops in! I have been using some of the points already and plan on using more soon.  Thanks Jenny!


o   Make beds
o   Wipe down bathroom counters
o   Empty dishwasher

o   Load dishwasher
o   Wipe down kitchen counters
o   Take out the trash
o   Quick sweep or vacuum, especially in the kitchen
o   Spot clean the floor or Swiffer
o   Declutter living areas with pick up basket
o   Chore of the day

MONDAY            Deep vacuum
TUESDAY           Windex mirrors and windows
WEDNESDAY    Scrub the toilets and tubs
THURSDAY        Mop the floors
FRIDAY              Swing Day
SATURDAY        Laundry

1st       Wipe down all furniture and cabinets
2nd      Scrub oven, microwave and fridge
3rd      Wipe down all walls, mouldings and doors
4th       Spot clean upholstery and rugs


  1. Great tips! Love it. Thank you. :)

  2. That looks like my house on a good day! lol Nice ideas...:)-Christian

  3. Nice tips! Do people really clean their windows once a week? lol! :)