Sunday, October 17, 2010

Design Studio of Somerville!

A girlfriend of mine needed help making her large living room with very high ceilings feel cozy. After arranging her furniture several different ways, she asked for suggestions. I recommended a few more pieces of furniture in specific areas and so began our hunt! We ventured out to the ABC Outlet in Hackensack NJ but did not find what we were looking for. On our way home I remembered this quaint little design shop that actually had a lot of choices. We walked in to find that it was a floor sample sale day!!! After reviewing all options she settled on three great finds: sofa table, coffee table and a settee. What was even better is that some of pieces were such a great deals and were currently being offered online at Wisteria and Horchow for much more money. What can be better than that! Tom, the owner and top designer of the shop happened to be in the store rearranging the floor plan that day. He was just great to chat with and get some fabulous tips in decorating your home. The shop specializes in LEE Industries custom upholstery and has a large selection of sofas and chairs to choose from. This shop gets a ***** rating as far as I am concerned. It is definitely worth a visit!

Design Studio of Somerville
67 West Main Street
Somerville, NJ 08876

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