Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Design Tip Of The Day! Remove Clutter

Clutter and "chotchkies" in your home not only look bad, they make you feel bad. Don't feel overwhelmed the minute you wake up because you are surrounded by so much stuff! A tip that has proven true so many times is.......If you haven't used it or looked at it over the past 2 years and there isn't some sentimental attachment to it......Get rid of it! No, you don't have to throw it away but consider these options that will make you feel better. Donate your "stuff" to a local women's shelter, the local Goodwill Store or put a free sign on it and leave it on the front lawn and someone will take it! I have done it and it works! Garage and rummage sales are also a good way to rid yourself of unwanted physical and mental clutter. Let me know when and how you have done it! Your efforts will motivate others!

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