Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hidden Jewels of Design in Princeton NJ!

Today I am going to introduce two of my favorite shops in Princeton NJ! Not only are these stores in one of the greatest towns in New Jersey but they are within walking distance of each other in the historic area of Palmer Square!
Spruce 45 Palmer Square West Princeton, NJ

     Spruce has to be one of best "one of kind" stores in the area. What I love about this store is that it combines a very interesting floral design center on one side and an interior design area in the other. I wandered in one day looking for a unique bridal shower gift and decided on this amazing piece by a local potter. It was this delicate creamy white flower embossed cake stand that almost looked like real icing was hanging off the edge of the stand. When the bride to be opened it at her shower she gasped...Need I say more!  Let me say that is was hard to decide which piece of this collection I wanted to purchase because I knew that each piece was so special it its own way. Not only does this store feature local artists collections for the home which are incredible, the furniture line has very clean modern lines with an interesting vintage appeal. Bright colored furniture pieces which intimidate me at times are jumping out at me saying "try me just once." This shop also features amazing succulent arrangements made to order in beautiful pieces of pottery which are a gift in themselves. Where else can you find such an amazing floral arrangement for your home that last for months in the price range of $70-$100? Can you see how much I love this place??

Amy Karyn 
Princeton, New Jersey 

     Just a few minutes stroll down the street from Spruce and you come to another equally amazing interior design shop...Amy Karyn. At first this shop may appear like an average interior design store with beautiful upholstered chairs and pillows tossed all over the store. Don't be fooled! Make your way to the back behind the designers desks and just reach out and touch! Yes, french inspired fabrics in patterns and designs that you won't see anywhere else! Amy Karyn personally designs all of her fabrics and produces them on this most incredible linen fabrics. What I love about the patterns is that you can select a certain one and have several background colors to choose from that will help coordinate with what you may already have in your home. The fabric prices are not cheap but just a couple of yards can recover pillows or cushions and can also be used for drapes and shades. So if rainy day comes around, spend the afternoon in Princeton and don't forget to get your latest fix of one of the best ice cream shops in the country from the The Bent Spoon! My favorite is Chocolate Raspberry and Marscapone!!!

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